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Quinn B Portfolio | Quinn Bookalam | UI, UX & Graphic Design
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Research, observe, analyze, understand…and then define the problem. Many times what the problem seems to be isn’t the root cause. Getting the foundation right is going to determine the success of anything you’re building so this step is crucial.



Socrates said, “Know thyself.” The designer Joshua Brewer said, “Know thy users, and you are not they user”.  Interview your users. Aggregate and distill your data. Prioritize your features. Features for the sake of having more features isn’t functionality.



Watching users react to your design will inform your improvements. Is the user experience usable and delightful? Is your UI intuitive? Is it creating a connection? Is your branding on point? Testing will validate your design and concept are working in tandem and doing their job.



Gather your feedback, analyze and determine what changes you wish (need) to implement. Apply your feedback. Refit, retool, tweak. Perfect and then deploy. Now you’ve got a killer user experience, be it print or digital.


About Me

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I am an award-winning Designer experienced with corporate identity, branding, packaging, print collateral, advertising,UI with a proven track record for translating complex ideas into slick, successful campaigns. I place a special emphasis on conceptual design and am comfortable with project management whether working collaboratively or independently.

Through working on projects from conception through completion,  I’ve developed expertise brainstorming independently or in a group setting, conceptualizing, branding, strategy, launching marketing initiatives, distilling complex content into clear, concise information in a layout that draws the viewer in, print design, art direction of photoshoots, website design, preparing printed materials for online use, eblast design, photo library maintenance, stock photo purchasing, trafficking, adhering to corporate style guides, press checks, procuring estimates, liaising with vendors, freelancers and clients alike.